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... finally back

................ this author here is at the same time relieved and really sorry ( ;;^;;)/

1) internet is back (after much lengthy fighting against the Retrograde Arm... hmm hmm... I mean the telecom company and my landlady)

2) work is settled and I'm back from my 3-days trip (went to Gifu with a friend, if anyone plays the JP version of Ikemen Sengoku, you'll know why) + also took time to go to TNM last week cause the weather was good, so expect some pictures of the swords on Tumblr later on ;)

Now onto what really interests you all >>> daily the chapters of "Memory of Saniwa" will restart TOMORROW, and there will be another quiz on the Touken Danshi coming soon.

Thanks for sticking around and please let your friends know in case they've already half-given-up on this website due to the delay n(_ _)n

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