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"A Midsummer Reader-Insert Dream" WEEK.8 Results

And the eigth bishie to take you on a Midsummer Dream for a reader-insert story will be................ Okita Souji (Hakuouki) requested by Hika-nyan. Chapter will be out this weekend, please look forward to it.

The final chapter of Midsummer Dream for the last week of summer will be a big surprise as thanks to all readers who sent applications recently, so no more raffles, applications are closed. This author here will will try my best to have everyone enjoy this event until the very end n(_ _)n

#summer2017bishie #AMidsummerReaderInsertDream #animexreader #requestraffle #薄桜鬼Hakuouki #OkitaSouji沖田総司 #hakuoukixreader

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