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New announcement~ I need you!

Hi there! Hi there! How are you, how are you? Mod Shiki here. Our dear Raifujinn trusts me enough to rule this website from time to time (how kind).

So as my first real post on this website, I wanted to do something very special! You may have already noticed or not but I did some videos and illustrations related to our author's work!

As thanks for our dear author and also some reward for you all as well, I decided to do a pv video related all your fanwork about "Memory of Saniwa"!

You don't need to be shy as about your level in art, it's like a big collaboration beetween everyone no bashing no hate only promo and cheers!

Of course if I don't receive many fanarts, I may not make the special pv the way I want...

But you'll still get some surprises! hihihi so don't be shy! To submit your work just go to contact!

Good luck hi hi hi and thanks for all your support!

See you soon bye!

#art #MemoryofSaniwa

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