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EVENT Midsummer Dream

A Midsummer

Reader-Insert Dream

Summer Event is OPEN! Apply to win a reader-insert story about your favourite bishie (all fandoms)!

Read the rules, send your application, check the raffle results on Wednesdays & get kidnapped for a Midsummer Dream each weekend.

Silhouette Free Haruka
Silhouette Free Haruka

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Silhouette Mikoshiba
Silhouette Mikoshiba

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Silhouette Tsuna
Silhouette Tsuna

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Silhouette Free Haruka
Silhouette Free Haruka

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Event Rules

  1. Fill in the application

  2. Weekly raffle

  3. New chapter featuring the winning bishie!

9 chances over the summer!



  • the bishie shouldn't have an official canon pairing

  • all chapters are reader-insert, not by name

  • the author might ask for another bishie if unfamiliar with the fandom n(_ _)n

  • only 1 bishie per application, max 3 applications per reader

  • 2 different readers can apply for the same bishie (twice the chance to be selected) but the same reader can't send 2 applications for the same bishie

  • author's decision is final n(_ _)n

Event Application
EVENT Results

Results & Stories

Midsummer Dream CHAPTERS

Touken Ranbu

Yagen x Reader


Giotto x Reader

Touken Ranbu

Dategumi x Reader

Touken Ranbu

Mikazuki x Reader


Sebastian x Reader

Touken Ranbu

Tonbokiri x Reader


Nanase Haruka



Okita Souji