5986 COLORE!
Primo Generation


Lots of unofficial characters because Amano-sensei didn't transpose all canon characters into Primo Generation ( ,_ ,)¬

Please deal with how I imagined Haru ten generations ago ~ first hints about her in Ch.43 5986 COLORE!

Please also deal with the time-period mess due to canon throwing in together many paradoxical historical elements in the Primo Generation = 10 Vongola Bosses, 5 family generations between Giotto & Tsuna, a Japanese Heian (794~1185 A.D.) costume, a WWI trench coat, a 1920's pinstripe suit, 1920's pocket watches, XIXth-century imperial coat with epaulettes...

TO SIMPLIFY let's count 5 x 20 years = 100 years between Tsuna and Giotto, meaning Giotto was born at the end of the XIXth century, then when growing up he picked up fashion & accessories of that time (1920's); same for Alaude and his trench coat. Mafia Bosses never staying long on their thrones sounds rather logical so here go the X generations. Now the only thing left to avoid headache is just to forsake that Ugetsu Asari's outfit is only his performance outfit as he's a musician, and that Daemon Spade just has a little retro taste for his choice of coats...

G. x Cerelia SETTING: the time when Giotto and G. were just Vigilantes in Italy (= their late teen, early adulthood) meaning the end of the XIXth to very first years of the XXth-ventury.